from time to time takes note of Local Dive Shoppes (LDS) that provide exemplary service to not only divers, but vintage divers.  Many plaques and certificates have been awarded but decided in 2009 that one dive shoppe had outdone all the others.  That shoppe was Amigos Dive Center in Ft White Florida.  The owner of Amigos, Wayne Kinard not only provides banked mixed gases, but he has a self serve 24 hour fill station and is a Dive Rite and Trident dealer.  Wayne has for years been very helpful and welcoming to vintage divers from all over the USA and other countries.  This could be in part to the fact that he dived many of the springs and caves in Northern Florida before the days of the SPG and single hose.  That is right Wayne is one of the original vintage double hose divers and can still be seen from time to time donning a twin hose with some of his NAVED buddies.  So presented Amigos and Wayne the first Annual Dive shoppe of the year award  for 2009. To learn more about Wayne and Amigos please visit .