The Scuba Museum has been collecting and upgrading gauges for years now.  There are many to trade and sell.  Here are a few sold at rock bottom prices.  Many of these gauges can be had on EBAY one at a time for much higher prices plus shipping on each individual gauge, OUCH!  Start your collection right now with a mass buy and save on shipping.  Most of the gauges seen are working but some are not.  All are being sold as is and untested.  Many people do not understand that mechanical gauges are rarely exact as a computer so one must assume a 5 foot or more discrepancy.  All these gauges are used and VINTAGE.  That means I cannot certify them for diving and should be checked by a dive professional before use.

Your choice of any of these Bendomatics for only 25.00 each.  They are first come first serve.  Shipping on one or 2 is 4.00 to USA.  Number #1, #2and #3 are sold!!!!

This is a rarer black plastic case SOS model with a kinky strap.  Price $35.00 plus $4.00 shipping

The very coveted LS1 compass, need I say more.  The strap is a little rough and would need replaced if you intended to dive with it.  Price 25.00 plus 5.50 shipping.

Waterlung pressure checker, all it needs is a good cleaning from you.  Price $32.00 plus $5.50 shipping

Taylor gauge in VOIT green.  Price $40.00 plus $5.50 shipping.

Healthways depth gauge, made in Germany and rock solid.  price $31.00 plus $5.50 shipping

A very rare SOS Italian made 325 foot gauge, just try to out dive this gauge.  Helium filled and usually the most accurate.  price $35.00 plus $5.50 shipping

Voit Sea Hunt gauge $40.00 plus $5.50 shipping