The Scuba Museum has NEW reproduction silicone VOIT hoses.  The colours match the mouthpieces perfectly.  No more mismatched mouthpieces and hoses here.  That is right silicone.  These hoses where painstakingly made with great attention to detail down to the seam and corrugations.   These hoses and mouthpiece are made of food grade silicone and will last longer than you or I will live.  No longer will you have to settle for perished rotten brown cracked mouthpieces.  Thanks to VDH The Scuba Museum has obtained a small number of Black silicone hoses.  While these supplies last The Scuba Museum will be offering them at the same low price.  We do not have the yellow hoses.  Please visit VDH for all your yellow hose needs.

Of course I cannot certify these items for diving and scuba is a dangerous activity.  Silicone is more expensive than neoprene but nothing grows on them and they will outlast you and your regulator.

Please note these Silicone hoses weight 12.6 OZ and the next highest copies available on the market weigh less than 10 OZ.  That is a GIANT issue if you where to dive them.  Super buoyant hoses are annoying and potentially dangerous.  The original VOIT hoses weigh about 13 OZ, so you be the judge.  We could have cut corners and made hoses from an inferior product and skimped on hoses material, but we know you want the best and we hope you are willing to pay for that quality.  It is also important to note that the standard factory hose clamps will work on these hoses.  No need to use zip ties or extra long screws if you donít want to.

$49.00 a pair plus shipping.