This rare Duro Dakovic regulator is NEW OLD STOCK!  That is correct, NEW!  The reg may have some signs of shelf wear but it has been in storage in Croatia since the 1970s most likely.  Look closely the exhaust horn is on the opposite side on this rare regulator.  One must roll to the right, not the left to clear the hoses of water during a dive.  The regulator is a apparent copy of the Spirotechnique Royal Mistral.  This regulator, just like Spirotechnique Mistrals may not fit on most USA valves without being turned down on a lathe.  This is a really neat rare bullet proof design at a steal of a price.  The Museum has 2 available at this time and they will be sold first come first serve.  The photo is representative of the regulators available.  Detailed pictures available upon request.

Price $350.00 plus $17.00 shipping