These pressed nuts are the way Voit would do it is they had the chance to do it all over.  With this upgrade the nuts are captured and permanently attached to the cans so they will not be lost during disassembly.  I would like to thank Luis for this great addition to the SCUBA museum's product page.

Price for 6 nuts $5.00 plus shipping.

First drill the cans from the yoke side of the can with a number 10 drill bit (.196 inches) to open the existing holes.  Drill the holes from the rear and only about halfway through, not all the way through.  The plastic is soft enough that one can usually turn the bit by hand to complete this.  After opening up the holes as described above it is very easy to press the nuts into the cans.  The use of channel lock style pliers as pictured below will make it easy to press the nuts into place gently without marring the FX 50 Fathom cans.  Placing the can on a piece of wood as shown will also protect the diaphragm side of the FX 50 Fathom cans while you apply pressure with the pliers.  Then press them just slightly and check for alignment. At this point it is easy to rotate the nuts slightly if the hexagon is not properly aligned. The nuts will work even if the hex is not aligned, but it looks better if they line up with the edge.