This is the KAJMAN from POLAND.  It is a single stage and seems solidly built.  It has many extras that I like such as the threaded lock nuts at either side of the one way valves making valve change easy as well as aiding in mouthpiece adjustment.  I have just obtained this model and have not yet been able to dive it, but will soon.  The KAJMAN is DIN and I do not have a POLISH DIN to YOKE converter yet so I am using another in the mean time.  I was told by a former POLISH diver that the Satin finish was made for the military, but some were also made in shiny chrome for civilian use.  TheSCUBAmuseum was lucky enough to mkae contact with Lech Suchy the designer of the Kajman.  Mr Suchy told TheSCUBAmuseum that he developed the Kajman in 1968-69 as experimental gear to replace the 2 stage MORS regulators.  The Kajman was produce simultaneously with the P22 double tanks.  The Kajman was dived several times past the 40 metre mark with the aid of deco bottles.  Mr Suchy produced the first 20 Kajman regualtors and left Poland in 1972 and did not have contact with the company that made the Kajman after that.  Mr Suchy said he very much enjoyed working on the Kajman project with it's technical and material acquisition problems.

Click here to see this fine single stage in action!!!