The Jet Air came in at least 3 versions.  One was a Brown Cycolac with raised letters on the top can.  Another was a black one with raised letters painted yellow.  The third is pictured here was also black plastic HIP with a decal label.  Many today have very little decal left and this model was not exception.  A reproduction label was obtained for a very nice price from  This regulator was also outfitted with a long yoke allowing me to use a banjo fitting with pressure gauge in case I want to know my contents.  I dive this regulator very often and with the yellow silicone reproduction hoses and silicone mouthpiece I get a lot of attention from curious divers.  The Jet Air was basically a Mistral with a cheaply made can.  I imagine that divers only bought it when they could not afford the brass cased Mistral or Polaris.  Today the Jet Air is somewhat collectible as is the much rarer Voit 50 Fathom Blue plastic case.

Click here for action pics of the JET SCARE!!!!