The Phoenix Royal Aquamaster or PRAM was designed by Luis Heros and manufactured by Bryan Pennington of .  The PRAM is perhaps the most modern vintage scuba regulator ever made.  What you are looking at is a DA Aquamaster that has an new updated nozzle installed giving it 3 high pressure ports and 3 low pressure ports.  I use this regulator almost exclusively when I dive my Viking dry suit.  It gives me the ability to use very high pressure cylinders given the heavy yoke.  I can also have a submersible pressure gauge without using a banjo, which can be a pain while wearing dry gloves.  The coolest part is the ability to run a low pressure hose to my dry suit inflator valve.  Of course in the case that you may want to have a bcd with an auto inflator you can run a hose to that as well.  This PRAM was powder coated black to mimic a Navy non magnetic da Aquamaster.  This was one of the first PRAMS built and is serial number 007.  My name is also stamped on the nozzle and I treasure it.  I will never part with this PRAM.

Click here for the PRAM in action