US Divers Vulcan

The Shark Dark by Farallon

Sea Raider by Sub Aquatics

Klauda Vulcan reproduction

Mares Rapallo

Homemade knife

Espadon Tarzan knife

Dacor Soligen Knife

Cavalero Stiletto knife


Darrell Allan Bug Light

Poseidon Aqua Sport


Pelican Light

Nemrod metal light

Weights and weight belts

Very early steel weights with belt

Homemade one pound weight

Round early 50s lead weights

Healthways one pounders and yellow belt

Homemade Bullet weights and belt

Unknown manufacturer 1 lb. weight for 1 inch belt

Unknown manufacturer 1 Kilo 2 piece weight EUROPE

Nemrod weight belt and weights

Voit 3 lb. Slip On weights

Voit 2 lb. Slip On weights

Voit 1 lb. 1 weight for 1 inch belt

Voit 1 lb. 7 weights on 1 inch belt

Sea Craft 2 piece 3 lb. weights

Central Skin Divers weights, Jamaica New York

US Divers 1 lb. weights

US Divers 1lb. weights for 1 inch belt

US Divers 3lb. yellow coated weights

CCCP 1 Kilo Soviet Weights

Spirotechnique buckle

Antimagnetisch buckle


US Divers SEAHUNTER CO2 powered


USD Triples, used by the legend, Hal Watts

USD Triples

1800 PSI Triples (VDH)

Polish Triples P31 (coming soon)


Wollman Schmidt Mod 35A

Aqua Cam



Literature and similar

Exploded Voit 50 Fathom diagram

The Frogmen Window Card 1951

Fun Stuff

Scuba nut Cracker by Allan Klauda

Sea Voice (underwater talk box)

Dacor Safety Float

US Divers Surf Lung toy

Masks and such

Voit Spearfisher B4 style mask

CCCP Oval Mask

Sea All mask



The Scuba Museum, a must in VINTAGE SCUBA.