Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Do you accept donations?

A: We at the Scuba Museum do indeed accept donations in the form of gear, but not cash at this time.  Much of the items you will see displayed on the site have been donated by benefactors of the Museum.  Please email me before sending anything.

Q: Do you rebuild these old regulators?

A: The Scuba Museum does not do rebuilds.  We do offer some items to aid you in the refurbishment of your old regulator, but we are not a certified technicians and cannot do rebuilds for you.

Q: Do you make public appearances or demonstrations?

A:  Yes The Scuba Museum can make arrangements to do demos for your dive group or store.

Q: Do you make trades for items?

A: Yes, we love to make trades and have many doubles of items as well as new product to trade with.

Q:  What method of payment do you accept?

A:  The Scuba Museum accepts PAYPAL or United States Postal Money orders only.

Q:  Will you ship overseas?

A:  The Scuba Museum will in some cases ship overseas however a caveat, the shipping can be very prohibitive.







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