Triple 72 cubic foot manifold contest RULES!

The manifold must be of the vintage style that Tom Madere has developed using a j60 tank valve.  No OMS,  Dive Rite, or similar parts.

The bands must be made of stainless in the style that Tom has developed.

It must have a period correct cotton harness as is available from Allan Klauda.

It must consist of 3 similar 72 cubic foot steel tanks.  They cannot be mismatched and different colours.  Galvanized gray is ideal.

The winner will be determined by the first person that completes the set and submits a picture and proof that the tanks have been used on at least one dive by the maker or a “stunt diver!” 

The test dive may be done in a pool, but the proof must be submitted in the form of a video showing the tanks in action (this is done to accommodate people in the colder north that may not have a drysuit).

The winner of the contest will be determined by Vintage Double Hose and The Scuba Museum based on the rules as stated!  Ultimately the decision is ours and there will not be an appeals process.

The contest will run until Jan 1st of 2011 or earlier if a definitive winner is identified.

The prize is one brand new FX 50 Fathom in Black, Green, or Blue.  The regulator will be awarded by the Scuba Museum and Vintage Double Hose completely rebuilt and ready to slap on your new Behemoth Triple set up!












USD original triples