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The FX 50 Fathom Blue Can set 90.00

The FX 50 Fathom Blue can set with silicone goods $170.00

The FX Black 007 can set $90.00

The FX Black 007 can set with silicone goods $170.00

FX Green Machine can set SALE PRICE ON GREEN ONLY $75.00 This is while supplies last.

FX Green Machine can set with silicone goods $150.00

FX TRIESTE/TITAN precut cans 120.00.

FX Spare labels   $10.00 each

Brass hardware to dress up your Black FX  $5.00

316 Stainless upgrade screws $.5.00

Black Oxide upgrade screws $5.00

Pressed nut upgrade nuts $5.00

Complete regulators for sale or trade 

The Museum has a lot of regulators not yet listed on the site.  If you are looking for something that you do not see here, especially in the "barn fresh" category email me.  I may just have one in the dive locker that I have not gotten to yet.

Barn fresh USD Aquamaster $225.00SOLD

Late model Snark with slicone hoses $490.00SOLD

Barn fresh Royal Master $350.00 very rareSOLD

US DIVERS Royal Mistral $550.00

DA NAVY approved $375.00 Great condition

Unmolested USD Over Pressure  SOLD SOLD SOLD

Royal Spirotechnique barn fresh $370.00 plus shipping SOLD SOLD

Rebuilt Spirotechnique w HP port $600.00 plus shipping

Faux blue label Lung $600.00 plus shipping SOLD

Blue Voit 50 Fathom MISTRAL internals 455.00 plus shipping SOLD

Orig Blue Voit 50 Fathom with great paint 475.00 SOLD

FX Trieste $500 plus shipping Low and High pressure ports

Sea Hunt Forever prop regulator $500.00

Repainted 50 Voit Fathom $500 SOLD

Rebuilt Black Jet Air $370.00 plus shipping

Rebuilt Jet Air w Yellow hoses $399.00 plus shipping SOLD SOLD

Rebuilt Stream Air w all new silicone $370.00 plus shipping

Aqua Lung Green Label Trademark $450.00SOLD Duro Dakovic NOS regulator $350.

 FX 007 Black regulator $475.00.

FX 50 Fathom Blue regulator  $475.00

Spirotechnique 40/30 with nice brass SPG $99.00 SALE PRICE plus shipping sold

Complete Mistral guts for your FX Project.  $135.00 plus $7.00 shipping.

Complete Voit Downstream guts for your FX project. $190 plus $7.00 shipping  SOLD SOLD


Hoses, Mouthpieces, Diaphragms, and more.

Silicone mouthpieces.

Curved BLACK and GREEN Silicone mouthpieces $25.00 each!

Original US Divers mouthpiece w cages $35.00 plus $5.50 shipping.

Food grade silicone hose with the accurate weight and seam $49.00 a pair. Now available in

One inch stretch hoses for Healthways, Spiro, Waterlung, and more $35.00 a pair.

OEM used US DIVERS hoses $20.00 plus shipping

NOS Siebe Gorman mouthpiece w cages and new silicone valves $75.00 plus shipping. Sold out.

Nemrod Snark mouthpiece NOS $35.00

Repro Nemrod decals by Enrique in Spain.

Zip Cable ties for use on one inch hoses, set of 4 $2.00.

New stainless band clamp ring for VOIT and US DIVERS $20.00

Reproduction US Divers style clamps 1967 through 1974 $5.00 a set.

Used first generation plastic clamps 1960 thru 1966 $10.00 a set.

Used Voit plastic hose clamps $25.00 plus shipping

Spirotechnique hose assembly $150.00 plus shipping

Spirotechnique mouthpiece $40.00 SOLD

VERY RARE UK Avon hose assembly $250 each

OEM used Healthways hoses $35.00 a pair.SOLD OUT

OEM used Healthways mouthpieces with cages $35.00 each

Voit FX repro Gray silicone diaphragms $20.00 for single stage $35.00 for 2 stage(SOLD OUT).

Healthways repro silicone diaphragms $25.00 each.

Healthways o rings $3.50 a set plus shipping

Healthways reproduction double hose body gasket $3.00

New reproduction silicone Healthways mouthpiece valves $10.00 a pair.

Hope Paige replacement silicone mouthpiece valves $10.00 a pair.

Repro Silicone Voit Trieste diaphragm $20.00 each.

NOS Dacor R4 diaphragm $45.00 each limited quantities

Gray silicone mouthpiece valves $10.00 a pair.

Umbrella silicone mouthpiece valves $10.00 a pair.

Original wagon wheels  $10.00

New umbrella valves w original wagon wheels combo $20.00

New silicone valves with original wagon wheels COMBO  $20.00

Food Grade silicone duckbills from Vintage Double Hose $7.00

Stainless EMT Shears with holster $10.00 plus shipping

Sterilite mask box $3.50 each plus shipping

The PS Dry Glove System $ 50.00 BACK IN STOCK

Used odds and ends, New and New Old Stock!

Used Mistral cans 40.00 plus shipping

SALE PRICE, NOS Single Stage Voit/US Divers seat $20.00

NOS US Divers and Voit mistral single stage pins $8.00 each

NOS 2 stage Voit/Us divers seat $25.00

NOS OEM US Divers / Voit 2 stage seat holder part number 10-1007 $15.00 each

Royal Aquamaster/ Voit Trieste OEM high pressure seat only $12.00 each!!!!

Aqua Lung Aquamatic and Voit Explorer high pressure seat NOS OEM $30.00

Voit Explorer and/or USD Aquamatic 2nd stage seat holder $10.00 each plus $5.50 shipping

Large variety of used vintage pressure gauges for sale.

NIB Typhoon depth gauge 20.00 plus shipping.SOLD OUT

250 foot Sportsways Navy gauge $50.00 plus shippingSOLD

NIB Sportsway Navy Gauge 275.00 plus shipping

Used Jet Air cans $70.00 plus shipping.

Brand new Rubber French made Equirama style mask w Screw clamp $40.00

Brand new Rubber from France Squale mask $40.00

Brand new rubber replacement mask straps for vintage masks $5.00

New BLACK silicone replacement purge valves for your Dacor Dm30 and other masks $5.00 each

Stabilizer mask $25.00 plus shipping SOLD SOLD

Healthways Seaview pig nose mask $20.00 plus shipping.

Battle hardened NON MAGNETIC manifold $150.00 plus shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD

NON MAGNETIC manifold 350.00 plus shipping looks unused SOLD SOLD

Brand new banjo fitting for pressure gauge use $49.00

Used 2 stage short yokes $15.00 each plus shipping. part 1000-04 and 1000-03

Used satin long yokes for Banjo use $50.00 plus shipping email for availability  Banjos for sale here

Used and new two stage long yokes for Banjo use $50.00 plus shipping just got some in, act fast  Banjos for sale here

Heavy yoke to convert your Royal or Da Aquamaster $50.00 each

NON MAG bodies $65.00 each plus shipping while supplies last Only one left

USD/Voit Horseshoe lever part 1010-05 $5.00

USD/Voit Seat Holder part 1010-04 $5.00

Used USD/VOIT adjusting screw part 1000-06 $2.00

High pressure nozzle for USD/Voit Navy $5.00

USD/Voit spring pad $2.00 Part 1000-39

Poseidon DIN to yoke converter $50.00 plus shipping.

 NOS Healthways Sportsways seats $25.00 each

Waterlung NOS diaphragm only a few avail $45.00

Sportsways decals $5.00 each

New England Divers decal $5.00 each

Nemrod NOS  LP valve seat $25.00 each while supplies last

Nemrod NOS aries diaphragm $35.00 each limited supplies

The HOPE PAIGE mouthpiece, need I say more?  $75.00 plus $5.50 shipping. one in stock

Used Spirotechnique mouthpiece 75.00 plus shipping SOLD SOLD

OEM VOIT black hourglass mouthpiece (not silicone) $55.00 plus shipping.  Only one in stock!

Vintage tank valves for sale from $20.00 on up.


Three way splitter multi port adapters $10.00 each  3/8 ports

Tank top displays $20.00 plus shipping

US DIVERS Boba Fett belt buckle 60.00 plus shipping. Email for availibility

Vintage Scubapro belt buckles $10.00 each.

DACOR and other metal buckles $5.00 each plus shipping.


Vintage Dive equipment catalogs for sale.

1950s era watch case w watch 65.00 plus shipping


Very rare Pre 1900 Schrader Diving Helmet with Communication updates $1500.00.   SOLD SOLD

Tank Services

Air Fills up to 3500 PSI                   $8.00

Hydrostatic Testing                        $40.00

Visual Inspections                          $20.00

Unique Vintage Scuba T Shirts and Hoodies













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